84th Florence International
Crafts Fair

From 16th  to 20th December,
10 am – 10 pm

16th December, 3 pm – 10 pm

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Who can participate?

The following may participate in the event
Italian crafts companies with qualified products, registered with the Register of Craft Enterprises at the Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Companies not enrolled in the register may also be admitted, provided they present a strictly craft-based product range with non-serial characteristics.
Foreign companies: through official presentations selected by organisations and institutes in charge of crafts in each country, or through importers, craft enterprises based abroad;

Entities, regions, municipalities and chambers of commerce, trade associations, public bodies and those that institutionally carry out promotion activities for crafts, as well as study, information and dissemination activities in the specific field of services;
Art institutes, schools and university courses with an artistic orientation.
Other exhibitors can also be admitted with the jurisdiction of FIRENZE FIERA S.p.A.

Admission requirements

The selection is based on criterias of authenticity, originality and quality of products, with a particular consideration towards sustainability, and on the innovative use of materials, processes and technologies. All products are required to be exclusively crafted and included in the product markets listed below.


Tailoring and accessories
Artistic craftsmanship
International craftsmanship
Food and beverage

Packaged food products only; food serving not included

Beauty and wellness

Handcrafted cosmetic and body care production and laboratories

Goldsmithing, fine and custom jewellery

Homeware and kitchen items, indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, decoration and renovation, plants and flowers, textiles

Specialized press and publications

Decorations, giftware, paper and printing products, stationery items, creativity, games, hobbies, musical instruments

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