84th Florence International
Crafts Fair

From 16th  to 20th December,
10 am – 10 pm

16th December, 3 pm – 10 pm

MIDA Safe Trade Fair

MIDA, too, is ready to adhere to Safe Firenze Fiera, the new protocol drawn up by Firenze Fiera for the safe resumption of congresses, trade fairs and events in the congress and exhibition center.
All the spaces of the fair, the ways of participation and the services have been reviewed in line with the current national and regional regulations to ensure the complete safety of all exhibitors, visitors and employees at every stage of the event.

1. Rules for access to Exhibition

Obligation of a Green Pass to access the events

Body temperature measurement through thermal scanners. Access will not be allowed in case of a temperature higher than 37.5°C

Supplying face masks

Masks required upon access

Monitoring and verifying interpersonal distance to avoid gatherings

1.1 Access to premises during set up and dismantle phases and during the event

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, access to the exhibition center is conditional on the implementation of temperature checks looking for possible signs of fever (a body temperature higher than 37.5 C) also through remote fever screening systems. If the temperature exceeds 37.5 C, entry will be denied.

Access to the indoor premises is allowed only with a mask (if you do not have one, you can ask it at the front desk). Please note that masks must be worn at all times in the center.

A medical service ensuring professional health care staff and rapid response in the event of any suspected cases is provided, as well as a “quarantine” area divided into compartments to handle any possible symptomatic person.
To access and carry out operations inside the center, everyone is required to wear adequate PPE (masks for protection against biological risk derived from COVID-19) and make sure that an interpersonal distance of at least one meter is maintained at all times. If the situation demands it, the minimum interpersonal distance can be extended to 1.8 m.

With regards to the entry, movement and exit of third-party suppliers, a set of procedures including fixed routes and time slots has been defined to minimize interactions between individuals.

2. Event safety and prevention services

Multiple accesses organised through security lanes and interpersonal distancing signs

Hand-sanitising gel dispensers available throughout the Congress & Exhibition Centre

Open access and – where possible – handle-free gates

Provisions on Covid 19 available through dedicated integrated apps and signs

2.1. Behaviour inside the fairground

Inside the center, adequate information on preventive measures is provided through posters and audio announcements and by specially trained staff who is charged to monitor and control the situation and promote a correct behaviour.

Hand sanitizing gel dispensers are available throughout the center: before and after entry points, in common areas, refreshment areas, meeting and convention rooms, and in toilets.

The adequately trained staff at the entrance is charged to manage crowd flows and help ensure social distancing.
All front desks are equipped with physical barriers (e.g. plexiglass shields).
A crowd control service is also provided to ensure an efficient crowd flow.

3. Sanitation of the environments

Venues sanitised by specialised companies

Emptying and sanitising waste bins constantly

Sanitising filtets, air conditioning and heating ventilation channels, exhchanging air frequently before each event

Medical area and isolation area in case anyone is suspected to be infected with Covid-19

3.1. Cleaning and sanitation of premises performed by Firenze Fiera S.p.a

Complete sanitation of the entire facility is performed before the start of the event. During the event, high-touch surfaces (e.g. toilets, doors, windows, handles, handrails, seats, etc.) are regularly wiped with certified products that guarantee their complete sanitation.

The air conditioning system is thoroughly sanitized before the start of the event. The system works using air exchange, allowing clean outside air to be drawn into the environments.

Inside the toilets, continuously operating extract ventilation is provided. Cleaning and sanitation schedules are displayed inside the premises.

4. Stand design and management

Designing and managing the fittings and installations supply chain safely, with the co-operation of the person responsible for the anti Covid-19 measures ar Firenze Fiera

4.1 Guidelines for the design of the exhibition stand

While setting up, assemble the stand in the least possible time and reduce the introduction of tools/materials into the pavilions by using, for example, prefabricated structures.

Employ an open design for the stand and avoid cluttering the space with elements (fixed furniture, structures, …) that may reduce the floor area.
Reorganize the spaces to allow interpersonal distancing.

Develop a plan for managing the flow of visitors inside the stand, making sure that they do not gather, cross their paths or come in contact with each other, as well as ensuring social distancing at all times.

Consider the possibility to create separate entry and exit points.

Create customer contact points (desks, tables, seats) that satisfy the 1-meter social distance requirement.
The Exhibitor is the sole responsible for setting up and managing the stand and must therefore implement all the necessary risk mitigation measures required by law, including, for example, wearing masks inside the stand; performing cleaning and sanitation of the stand and recording these operations; providing hand sanitizing stations; and carrying out all the essential procedures to control and manage the stand safely and in accordance with the applicable provisions outlined here and with COVID-19 best practices. Please note that the above list of measures is by no means exhaustive.

4.2 Operations that the exhibitor can perform to ensure correct behaviour

Cleaning, cleansing, disinfection and sanitation of the stand
Daily cleaning and periodical sanitation of the stand must be provided. In the presence of a person affected by COVID-19 inside the premises, cleaning and sanitation procedures with adequate medical equipment as well as ventilation of the environments must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines drawn up by the Ministry of Health.
The Exhibitor is required to place hand sanitizing gel dispensers in sensitive locations that are under their responsibility.

5. Catering service inside the exhibition center – In collaboration with Gerist Ricevimenti

Measuring staff temperature through thermal scanners

Supplying gloves, face masks, and disposable shirts for the service staff

Open-air dining area

Single-serve lunch boxes and coffee boxes made with disposable, biodegradable and compostable material

Ordering through apps with booth delivery service

Inside the dining areas, tables must be arranged to ensure social distancing between the people seating at the same table. It is possible to order lunch and have it delivered to the stand.

All personnel undergo temperature checks every time before they enter the food preparation area. All personnel are equipped with masks.

Periodical sanitation of kitchens, warehouses, laboratories, vehicles and equipment with products approved by the Italian National Institute of Health is provided. Cleaning and sanitation of high-touch surfaces (tables, chairs, etc.) will be performed on a constant basis.

6. Services in the city - Mobility

Transfers for arrivals and departures from Florence, with services from and to FLR Airport and Santa Maria Novella Main railway station, through means of transport – taxis, car rental with drivers, tramway and buses – conforming to current health and hygene standards and to interpersonal distancing

Sanitised means of transport all over the city, equipped with hand-sanitising gel dispensers. Face masks compulsory on board, number of passengers scheduled, protective barriers for drivers

Promoting the digital platform www.destinationflorence.com to facilitate the booking and electronic purchasing of hotel accommodations and services of tourist interest

Firenze Fiera ensures total health and safety for its exhibitors and visitors during all stages – from planning the trip to going back home.
Therefore, we have identified a series of preventive and protection measures applied to all extents – from planning events to their logistics, with the help of qualified staff who will help schedule transport, transfers and accommodation in complete safety.

The service is developed in collaboration with Destination Florence CVB