84th Florence International
Crafts Fair

From 16th  to 20th December,
10 am – 10 pm

16th December, 3 pm – 10 pm

Promoting and enhancing contemporary Florentine ceramic art cannot be separated from the historic and cultural context expressed by its territory. The artistic mark is permeated by it, creating a uniqueness that gives value and meaning to matter. The project “Ceramica ieri e oggi a Firenze” (Ceramics in Florence – Yesterday and Today) decodes the manufacturing companies in the ceramic sector, relating them to museums, schools, and to the “open air” artifacts offered by the Florence territory. The website www.ceramicaierieoggi.firenze.it involves all the actors of the ceramic sector in Florence – museums, ceramists, ateliers, workshops-schools, and the existing manufactures – connecting them all on a single online platform. This project was created by Association Fierucola APS thanks to a contribution from the Florence Municipality – Department of Tourism, in co-operation with Association Arte della Ceramica, and is promoted by Feel Florence, the official tourist portal of the Florence Municipality and of the Metropolitan City, AiCC – Italian Association of Ceramic Cities, Artex – Centre for Artistic and Traditional Crafts of Tuscany, and OMA – Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte (Observatory of Artistic Crafts). By pre-registering, you will have free access to the Florence International Crafts Fair.

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