84th Florence International
Crafts Fair

From 16th  to 20th December,
10 am – 10 pm

16th December, 3 pm – 10 pm

Craft 4.0

For Change

Craft 4.0, for change is an event developing and expanding some of the themes that emerged from a previous co-operation between the Architecture Department of the University of Florence and MIDA through the virtual exhibition Craft 4.0. at MIDA2021.

The objective is to show that, thanks to creativity, co-operation, and the use of Open-Source tools, we can contribute to the difficult challenge of sustainability.

In particular, this event sees the participation of the startup Precious Plastic – Torino, providing its knowledge, tools, and machinery through which it will be possible to recycle objects made with thermoplastic polymers, turning them into new products, and thus giving new life to plastics.

During Craft 4.0, for change, MIDA’s visitors will be actively involved in Precious Plastic’s use of the recycling process, having the opportunity to create new products through the recycling of plastics. Visitors will also be able to explore these themes thanks to conferences which will see the participation of the main local recycling and reuse key players, with a special attention to the contribution of design.