84th Florence International
Crafts Fair

From 16th  to 20th December,
10 am – 10 pm

16th December, 3 pm – 10 pm

The Fair

MIDA, the Florence International Crafts Fair, welcomes every year in the spaces of the Fortezza da Basso artisans and artisanal enterprises of all domains and dimensions, to present to visitors the variety, wealth and quality of a sector that is as hereditary as it is innovative and with an interest that is constantly rising.

The fair aims at drawing out the current frame around craftsmanship and its prospects for the future. MIDA 2022 will present the diversity behind the multiverse of crafts, which evolves through a continous conversation between traditional practices and high tech technologies.

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MIDA 2019 in numbers

100.000 visitors in 8 days
500 exhibitors
International buyers and operators
910 Credited journalists
5 Major Exhibitions
Events, whorkshops and meetings

Why participate?

MIDA is a prestigious and unique opportunity to get to know new clients, sell your own products and understand new, efficient means to operate in the market.

Meet buyers and international operators

Consolidate and enhance your catchment area

Enter a constantly operating network

Take advantage of our reduced rates

Who can participate?

The following may participate in the event Italian crafts companies with qualified products, registered with the Register of Craft Enterprises at the Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Companies not enrolled in the register may also be admitted, provided they present a strictly craft-based product range with non-serial characteristics.
Foreign companies: through official presentations selected by organisations and institutes in charge of crafts in each country, or through importers, craft enterprises based abroad;

Entities, regions, municipalities and chambers of commerce, trade associations, public bodies and those that institutionally carry out promotion activities for crafts, as well as study, information and dissemination activities in the specific field of services;
Art institutes, schools and university courses with an artistic orientation.
Other exhibitors can also be admitted with the jurisdiction of FIRENZE FIERA S.p.A.

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