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VIETNAM as Guest of Honour Country


"Le Vietnam sur la route des 9 Dragons" (Vietnam on the 9 Dragons Way), a charming and adventurous journey through the arts, culture, history and soul of Vietnam, to discover the rituals and habits of mountain populations - the Hmong people - living on the Northern highlands up to the Mekong delta, the twelfth longest river in the world, knowns as the "9 dragons river", with its floating market of Can Tho, and passing from the ancient port city of Ho, the gateway to the Maritime Silk Road.
On show, precious silk and ceramics (a heritage of the ancient Champa empire, which reigned in Southern Vietnam until the 15th century), gold-leaf lacquered furniture, medicinal plants, spices like pepper from the Island of Phu Quoc, famous for its scent and strong aroma. Vietnam is actually the main world exporting country of peppercorns (white, red, green, black), and the Island of Phu Quoc annually produces over 1,000 tons of this spice, which grows in plantations with soils rich in quartz, a mineral required to grow pepper plants.
A jungle will be recreated at the Fair to remember the dramatic war experience. At the end of this experience, a "Jungle Bar" awaits you to sip the famous B52 cocktail, as well as a restaurant with traditional Vietnamese dishes.
This event will also feature an extremely interesting photo exhibition called Good morning Vietnam, with black and white shots picturing daily life scenes, portraits and landscapes taken by Philippe Fatin in 1987, right when Vietnam was gradually opening towards the Western World. A gallery of colour pictures taken thirty years later, in 2017, will help visitors notice the evolution of a country in the midst of an economic boom.
(Organised by Firenze Fiera in co-operation with Marco Polo Events)






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Spadolini Pavillion - Lower Floor/Cavedio


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